Learn how your experience compares with other people using immunotherapy

Real life is not a trial

Clinical trials test drugs for safety and effectiveness, but there’s much more to learn when these drugs are out in the real world. It takes time to fully understand the impact that new drugs have on people’s daily lives.

This project will focus on the symptoms and side effects experienced by people using immunotherapies. Participants will gain insights from each other and get access to project reports and learnings.

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We create tools to help people stay on track with their care and new pathways to learn about how to improve quality of life.

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Navio makes it easy for people to share in each other’s experience, learn from each other, and contribute their knowledge to the broader community.

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By participating in the project, you’ll get access to unique perspectives from other patients to better know what to expect from care and its side effects. Every individual experience is different. Join others to show how your unique experience can be captured, how it can change over time and be compared to others.

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We’ll share insights about side effects and thoughts from other patients using immunotherapy

We’ll share the results of the project and show how your experience compares with others

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“It’s hard to get into a trial, but nobody knows what we go through more than us. Bringing us together, learning from each other, helps us take control back!”

- Cancer Patient

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